They did not give me THE MONK DIAMOND!!

I AM VERY ANGRY!!!!!, The house of volkov doesn't deserve it.I will order THE BOND BROTHERS to steal it from them again.

If THE BOND BROTHERS can do it once, why can't they do it twice .
I hope my plan works.

They did give me a gift and accepted my discovery.They gave me the velocinator .
It is used for generating electricity without any cost of money.
It is good and helpful but I expected THE MONK DIAMOND.

They are discovering the uses of pumpkins.
I am not sure what they found in the pumpkins I got them but they are sending people to earth to find more and I am the team captain.

THE BOND BROTHERS will get hired for the job.
The police remain baffled by the crime done by THE BOND BROTHERS.
They have never been caught
There were no succesful leads in the case.