The velocinator which generates electricity

It has been a long time I discovered it. People are not noticing me for my discovery.
even though they live in univeses.  It is very sad but now with my next discovery, they are going to rejoice me again !!!!

This is how it looks like.
Remember the machine, which generates electricity I hope you remember.
Do you know why I am showing the velocinator, it is because for the past 2 days, Univesus has no electricity. The people here have drained the resources. Its pretty odd because the people are very conservative. But who cares, besides I have the velocinator. So I just do not care.

I am actually thankful for the velocinator, I need it right now because I have to go to planet Bertham to get silicate. silicate can be used to generate electricity.we have the technology to use silicate to generate power.
I will get prized for this but It will not be THE MONK DIAMOND, so I have to demand it.
It sounds like a plan.

This is Bertham.  Pretty cool.  Click here

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