The person I admire the most – my mother

The below article was selected and published in my school magazine – Year: 2017. 

There is just one person I admire the most ‘ my mother’, her name is Sumathy Ramkumar. I admire her and she is my role model. She is the best person I have met. It is not just because she is my mother, I like the way she speaks, works and teaches me.

I find something different in her. Even when she makes me study, she makes it easy and fun. Right now when I am writing this, she is halfway around the world in the U.K. I think she is coming back in a couple of months. She went there for her work. My mom is a good hearted person and helps with my work.

When I make mistakes, she scolds me. When I do something terribly bad like breaking glass plates, she hits me but if it was an accident she won’t hit me.

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