Krithi’s musings on Culture

Cultures are the social behavior and religion a person follows. The culture also depends on the region the person comes from. Religion includes clothes and beliefs. Beliefs include gods and goddess’ rituals. They are advantages and disadvantages of cultures.

Advantage: A large understanding of how ancestors were living.

Disadvantage: In the olden days the topic of caste came into existence because of it.

There are many cultures in Earth, as per me the world the world doesn’t need so many cultures. Why need so many when you can follow one. I am not saying anyone in particular. I don’t like so many because it keeps adding on in my school especially history. It is so boring and interesting at the same time. I give my interest to ancient times like the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Polynesian and Viking cultures and civilizations.

Even though I don’t live in any of these regions I may find this interesting. I always had a special interest on the Egyptians, their gods, their belief in life after death. While the Greek believe in many gods and demons.  I can say that the Greeks have a very complicated mythology. I remember someone saying it will take more than 100 pages to write the whole mythical story of the Greeks. The Vikings also were known as the dragon slayers (even though that is not true). There expeditions to the U.K, France, Spain, UAE, and Turkey.

The wars they fought are amazing examples of how savage humans can be.

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