How to sit before PC

Nowadays every member of a  family has a smartphone, computer, laptop, etc. It is a well-known fact because it is used for general uses, like emails, projects which are digital or to print the projects, their jobs (like I said earlier), thus it is needed.

Why is this topic important

This topic is important because of its effects and the side effects caused by the effects. Many of us do not do these simple things because of our carelessness. We also might do this unknowingly.

Facts or steps to sit properly in front of a PC

  • Sitting straight or in other words maintaining good posture.
  • Not spending too much time in front of the PC.

Sitting straight

Not sitting straight is a major thing because many of us while using the PC we sit in a disorderly position. This position may seem comfortable but only temporarily. As of permanent, it is not as comfortable because when your back is not straight the backbone grows in a different way and thus you officially turn into a hunch back. The posture also affects the focus and concentration. A hunch back is a person whose back is like a camel hump. This hump changes the skeleton system of the upper part of the body mostly until the ending of the neck. A good posture can be maintained by using a chair with a backrest. The backrest helps if it is not very bad. If its bad try keeping a pillow in the rear of your back.

The time which is spent with the PC

The time we spend with the computer is important. When we spend too much time in front of the PC our eyes get damaged because of the deadly rays which are coming from the screen. These rays are called ultraviolet rays or UV radiations.



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